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Are you a power user who depends on the internet to browse the web and use email as much as you want to?

Are you a fairly light user of online video?


If you answered ‘yes’ to both of these questions, Evolution may be the perfect plan for your lifestyle.


How Evolution is changing satellite internet?


We’re tackling data caps with Evolution, which gives you unlimited access to what you do the most online: view web pages and manage your email. You’ll still have a sizeable data allowance of 5 GB per month for video and file downloads and uploads. Even if you go over that, your access to web.


GhostFiber Satellite Evolution allows unlimited access to the most essential parts of the internet.

What’s unlimited?


Some web pages contain elements that will count toward your data allowance — with embedded videos being the most common one you should consider. You can certainly watch some online video with the Evolution plan, but keep in mind that if you’re streaming video or music or downloading files within a web page, it will count toward your allowance. If you do hit that 5GB limit, you’ll still be able to view web pages and send and receive email at your usual speeds, but you won’t be able to watch videos or download files. The exception would be during the Early Bird Free Zone (3 a.m.-8 a.m.), when all internet activity is full speed and unmetered.


If you want full access to everything outside your Early Bird Free Zone, you can buy more data allowance for $9.99 per GB or switch to one of our classic packages with a larger data allowance. Another thing to be aware of is that activity done outside of a web browser, e.g., an app on a mobile phone or tablet, may count toward your data allowance.


What can you do with 5 GB of data?


It’s a pretty good chunk of data to work with. With 5 Gigabytes, you could get…

6 hours of streaming SD video*

25 hours of streaming music**

200 song or photo transfers***

*Based on 6 hours of streaming YouTube videos at 480p resolution and average bit rate of 1 Mbps

**Total of 1.44 GB, based on 25 hours of Pandora at ‘normal quality’ with 128 kbps average bit rate

***Total of .8 GB based on average iTunes song of 4 MB or average photo size of 2 MB


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