GhostFiber High Speed Internet operates on Fiber Optics, land-line/cable plant, Fixed Wireless, and Satellite services. No matter where you live GhostFiber can likely service your home or business. We never want to see a customer go without or be forced into long terms with the big ISPs, so we are constantly looking for areas to expand our land-line/cable and fixed wireless network to better serve you.


Whether you are switching or comparing deals, you can save with DiSH and get the best value, service and technology in the industry. If you’re considering DIRECTV, you could save more than $456 over 2 years with DiSH or use our savings calculator to see how much you could save when you switch from DIRECTV.


DIRECTV offers multiple packages at different price points. Choose the channel lineup that suits you best and watch your favorite sports, news, shows, and movies. With so many options, you’re likely to find the perfect TV package for you and your family.


GhostFiber Satellite Highspeed internet can serve you as long as you can see the southern sky. Powered by ViaSat, we deliver the same great speeds and technology as ViaSat retail service but add in a local touch and only a 6month agreement instead of 24months.

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