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Not yet a “Connected Community” ?
Why should you become a partner with GhostFiber ?

Attract and keep residents. With the most advanced technology and custom system designs GhostFiber delivers your residents the best internet experience available.

Premium Amenities. Every person needs internet in todays connected world. Offer your residents a no hassle option with INSTANT on internet services on move in, or include basic internet in your rent with a BULK service account.

Additional Revenue. A partnership with GhostFiber means new opportunities for revenue avenues that you may never have explored such as a revenue share for upgrades or digital advertising space for sale.

Personal Professional Responsive Service. We have all experienced the pain and emotion dealing with our own personal individual accounts with various service providers and the “telephone game” since we talk to a different representative each time we call; With GhostFiber we offer a direct line to our property owners to contact THE SAME PERSON each time you have a question or an issue! This could pertain to your commercial account, be a simple question, or perhaps an upset resident looking for additional help or a custom solution.

Still having trouble?

Send us an email at , or call us at 1-888-981-1851 or 972-464-1825
to speak with one of our experts.

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